Screen I

Project bodY

The Log In screen prompts user to input their pain level to unlock app, which captures the data every time they log in.



The Capture ability encourages user to document their pain episode in the format of their choosing. These logs can be used to reflect on at a later time, or shared with health care provider, friends and family. The Community dashboard provides user with relevant content based on their activity within the app. The History section provides user with easily digestible visual aids to better understand and contextualize their pain trends. 



The Profile enables user to add personal interests, set preferences and customize interface theme, giving them a sense of control and presence (or privacy) within a trusted community.  Through the greater community, users can make Friends or deeper connections with other members. Access to private conversations and room chats can help users feel they are not alone - they can share their pain experience with other sufferers when they feel like they are burdening family members and friends.